Our Story

The idea behind Loandisk was conceived by one of our founders who also happens to run a recruitment company in Australia. Having hundreds of employees meant that some employees required loans from the company and it was becoming increasing difficult to manage the loans.

So the idea was born of developing an internal software that will manage all the loans and repayments. After developing the software and using it for 1 year, it became evident that this was a great tool which made it easy to manage the staff loans.

One of the HR managers who was responsible for giving loans suggested that she can market this software to other lenders. The vast majority of lenders don't have any software to manage borrowers and loans. It is all done through Excel or paperwork and manually sorting through entries in diaries and endless piles of paper stored in cabinets.

So it was decided to market the software to lenders. The response was great! Many lending companies are now using our software to become more efficient and organized. Our clients have reported higher collections. We worked with many lending companies to improve the software and make it user friendly. Loandisk was formally launched worldwide in 2015.

Loandisk is an online software that allows lending businesses to manage their borrowers, loans, repayments, and collections with ease while being affordable at the same time.

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